07:28 AM EDT 15 September 2017 by Antonia Doyle
Ben Hull Jr reportedly romantic with new assistant
Despite much speculation the last six months on Benjamin Hull Jr.'s romantic interests, it seems he's set his eyes where no one expected him to look. Sources say he has been shacking up with his new assistant, hired upon his takeover of Hull Capital.

Hull Jr.'s father stepped down and retired from Hull Capital on September 1st and passed leadership of the company to his eldest son. Unmarried, it has been much anticipated who Hull Jr. will take as a wife in the next year. He has recently been linked to a number of women from New York's most elite families.

In addition to source commentary, Hull Jr. was spotted entering La Grenouille in Manhattan yesterday evening with an unidentified brunette woman. The two dined together and later exited holding hands before ducking into a car headed for Brooklyn.

Hull Jr. and his assistant arrived at JFK International Airport this morning, departing for Sydney on a business trip. It is unconfirmed if the woman he was seen with last night is indeed his assistant, however the pair remained close as they made their way through security. No further details at this time.