013:48 PM EDT 28 September 2017 by Antonia Doyle
Ben Hull Jr. confirmed to be dating assistant
Despite putting rumors to bed earlier in the month, Benjamin Hull Jr. has been confirmed to be dating his assistant. The two have been linked to one another shortly after her employment began, however the business mogul refused to comment on the subject when questioned. They have been seen together almost daily, arriving and departing Hull Capital, and a source within the company has given solid information that the two are in fact dating.

Hull Jr. has had a colorful dating history over the last years and has been linked to the Vanderbilts on several occasions. His assistant does not appear to belong to a family of note.

Pictured above, the two were spotted strolling around Brooklyn Sunday morning. The new couple stopped into Starbucks for coffee where they remained glued to one another, Hull Jr.'s arm draped over his assistant's shoulders. On the street, they remained distant, undoubtedly continuing to be cautious in the media's presence.

The pair has been tracked all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, where she is rumored to reside. Hull Jr. has been spending weekends in the neighborhood and is always seen with his assistant. We are currently working to identify the woman and will release details as we receive them.