015:28 PM EDT 30 September 2017 by Antonia Doyle
Evelyn Merlier: apple of Ben Hull Jr.'s eye
Despite flying under the radar over the last two weeks, Ben Hull Jr.'s latest love interest has been identified as 27 year old executive assistant Evelyn Merlier. Merlier began working for Hull Jr. in early September when the company passed hands from Hull Sr. to his eldest son. We've received no comment if her position will be terminated given their relationship directly violates Hull Capital company policy.

Merlier was born and raised in Arizona before arriving in New York to attend NYU Stern School of Business where she majored in business management. The young assistant has worked at several establishments prior to being hired at Hull Capital.

Hull Sr. was reached for comment. "We are deeply disappointed in my son's behavior and the professionalism of the woman we hired to assist him in his transition," he said. "We are working to rectify the situation."

The couple was spotted Friday evening at JFK International Airport. Both declined to comment on their relationship as they headed for departures, Hull Jr. protectively shielding his lady love from view. The two boarded a flight to London. There is no information on when they are expected back in New York.