01:18 AM EDT 20 October 2017 by Antonia Doyle
Evelyn Merlier rumored to be pregnant amidst Hull Jr legal troubles
Love is in the air and the product of that love may be on the way in just eight months. Hull Jr and his assistant, identified as 27 year old Evelyn Merlier, were seen leaving Mount Sinai Hospital late last evening. The couple looked tired, but seemed in decent spirits as they stepped into their car. Their appearance sparked rumors that the pair are expecting a child early next summer.

Upon speaking to sources, further speculation surrounded Merlier's pregnancy. "Oh yes. Both are very thrilled about it and can't wait to be parents," the source said. "They're both constantly smiling and Evelyn is absolutely glowing."

However, not all sources close to the couple are certain that the child is Hull Jr's. "No one's really sure whose baby it is," another source said, skeptical. "She's slept with a bunch of guys over the last few months, so I'm not even sure if it's Hull's or not."

News of the pregnancy comes amidst legal trouble for Hull Jr. A family in upstate New York had brought a lawsuit against the business giant earlier in the month citing negligence in business practices at a Hull owned company, Central New York Manufacturing. The two opposing sides met earlier in the week and the lawsuit was dropped. Details of the settlement are unclear.