how’s the first week as the new head of HC?
about as well as one could expect
dad said meredith retired. he hire you someone new?
he did. and i’m shocked at the job he did. she’s lovely
you slept with her already, didn’t you
how do you know shit like this when you live in a different timezone
i’m only an hour behind. and i know the more you try to be polite, the more you’re covering up
i like her. she’s different
you never like anyone
like i said, she’s different
are you still going on dad’s dates?
i’ve got one lined up that i’m going to cancel
because of secretary girl?
evelyn. but yes
did you sleep with her or fall down a mountain in love with her?
fuck off. it’s just different. i don’t really know how else to explain it right now
good for you, dude. i gotta go pick up maggie and the kiddo
catch you later
how's secretary girl?
evelyn. and she's my girlfriend. so please call her evelyn
holy shit. you haven't had a real girlfriend for like...
six years. yes. i know
perfectly aware of my dating failures, man
wasn't trying to rub it in. congrats!
when can i meet her?
i'm planning on bringing her to lila's birthday
totally! just don't fuck in our guest room
don't worry. we'll get our own place to stay
whatever you want. i'm just shocked you've got a girl
thanks for not picking one of dad's
did you really think i'd settle down with one of them? i gotta go - meeting
invite to lila's birthday is in the mail
maggie was a little too excited to address it to both of you
just please don't overwhelm her
she's a tough cookie, but our lives are all new to her and it's a lot
out of our entire family, i'm the least of your worries
i know. also don't tell dad about this. i've got to figure out a way to break this to him and i haven't figured it out yet
no way. you think i want him yelling at me about this?
just saying. you're really serious about her aren't you?
put it this way. i've already been to harry winston and i'm biting my tongue every second not to say
you know
bloody hell. you've got it bad. HW must be glad to have your business back